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At most meetings an auction follows the presentation. There is always something new on the auction table, and the bidding evokes jokes, kidding and camaraderie. Bidding is open to the public. Come join the fun!


Download the Auction Check-in Form linked below, Please have it ready before coming into the meeting to help the check-in process be more efficient.  

As fellow hobbyist we ask sellers to please be knowledgeable that specific species are better kept in certain quantities, we do understand if it's an oddball or has reasoning and below we will have a list with recommended numbers for the fish's benefit. 

recommended numbers for species in broad:

Corydoras: 6+


Barbs 6+ 

Rainbowfish 6+

Danios 6+

Rasboras 5+ 

Loaches 6+

Synodontis 4+ 

guppies 2+

Upon bringing in multiple bags of single fish that are best kept in a group you will be requested to group the fish together to proceed in the auction. Please do a health check on your fish before you bring them to the meeting, the check in person will notify you if there is any visible problems, and the auctioneer is subject to providing accurate information of what they are selling to the bidders when viewing the bag. Our experience is proven to accurately price your bags for you but if you feel the need to put a minimum on your bags make it clear, and during check in the checker will make suggestions for your benefit either on pricing or on multiple bags of the same item. If your bags are unacceptable (leaking/ devoid of air/ etc.) your item will need to be re bagged before being allowed onto the auction tables, and if your fish are not up to par (sickly/ dead/ dying/ visibly unhealthy) those fish will have to be removed from your bag before proceeding onto the tables as well. We will have extra bags and equipment on hand for when these situations arise for a fee that will be donated to the club. 


1. Anyone can bid! 

2. Only Auction Staff are allowed at the auction tables during the presentation or auction.

3. Keep your hand up when bidding so the auctioneer can see you, and once you have won the bid keep your hand raised so the runners can clearly see you and bring you your item.

4. When the runner brings you your item, either give them your membership code for your price to be added to your tab, or pay them cash and if change is due the runner will bring it back to you. 

5. Keep conversations minimum or quiet and phones on vibrate to avoid obstruction of the auction please. 

6. At the end of the night if you have payed by tab make your way to the cashiers table and pay off your tab.

7. Have Fun! 

SFAS facilitates auction transactions between buyer and seller on a consignment basis. SFAS does not endorse merchandise, and does not assume any responsibility or liability for buyer satisfaction, merchandise condition or merchandise safety.

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