At most meetings an auction follows the presentation. There is always something new on the auction table, and the bidding evokes jokes, kidding and camaraderie. Bidding is open to the public. Come join the fun!


Download the Auction Check-in Form with Instructions.


1. First rule – bid early and bid often. Don’t let that prize slip away!

3. Members and non-members alike may bid.

4. Only Auction Staff are allowed at the auction tables during the presentation or auction.

5. To speed the auction, keep your hand up when bidding.

6. Pay the runner in cash when they deliver your item.

7. Please respect other bidders, members and auctioneers by keeping conversations to a minimum and phones on vibrate.

8. Have fun!

SFAS facilitates auction transactions between buyer and seller on a consignment basis. SFAS does not endorse merchandise, and does not assume any responsibility or liability for buyer satisfaction, merchandise condition or merchandise safety.