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Credit Assessment

Friday, April 7, 2017
6:30 PM - 11:00 PM (extended hours)


Open to the public.  Anyone may bid.  

SFAS members (only) bring in boatloads of plants, animals, equipment and literature to the auction.  It's an opportunity for great bargains, and we always have a laugh at the "more unusual" items.  Be there and have some fun with us.

There will be a Raffle at the Mega Auction - items included are a nano tank, pH pen, sponge filters and maybe air pumps and heaters.

Click here for Auction Tips and Guidelines (the rules), and our Auction Merchandise Check-in Form.

We appreciate buyers who bring plenty of small-denomination bills!

2017-04-07 : Mega Auction: Services


There is no talk at the Mega-Auction.


There is no speaker at the Mega-Auction.


Snacks will be provided.

We accept donations of snails for a local school science program.  Bag the snails as described on the Auctions webpage.  Bring them to the administration table.

2017-04-07 : Mega Auction: Projects
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