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Erik Lucas oebt_edited.jpg (Orange-eyed  Blue Tiger)

Friday, March 2, 2018
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM


Erik Lucas

2018-03-02 : Shrimp Keeping: An Overview of the Hobby and Guide to Successful Shrimp Tanks: Services


Eric Lucas was always fascinated with aquatics.  Growing up, there was always a minimum of one aquarium in the house.  In 2009 he converted a 55 gallon livebearer tank into a shrimp tank after seeing cherry shrimp on the Internet.  He was addicted immediately and expanded to about 25 tanks within 2 years.  Through research and guidance from some of the more experienced shrimp keepers, Eric became one of the most knowledgeable and prolific dwarf shrimp breeders in the USA.  In 2014 he started his website, and in 2017 left his job of 19 years to pursue shrimp keeping full time and to help grow the shrimp keeping hobby.  In 2017 Eric and a fellow American were invited to be jury members at the German International Shrimp Contest in Dortmund.  They were the first Americans to be jury members in a shrimp contest outside of the USA.  At the USA International Shrimp competition in Chicago this year his Orange Eyed Blue Tiger shrimp group placed first in their category, and his Ghost Bees placed second in their category.  Eric has recently partnered with Ching Tung Vin Tsay (Vin), one of the most respected breeders in the world, to bring Vin's shrimp to the USA market and learn Vin’s shrimp keeping techniques. Eric plans to visit Vin's shop in Taiwan for a few weeks later this year for hands-on training.


The presentation will introduce people to dwarf shrimp and teach them the basic requirements and care.  Discussion will also include common problems hobbyists run into, as well as touch on some of the higher-end shrimp that we are seeing enter the hobby.


After the talk we will have our auction.  The staff will provide refreshments.

2018-03-02 : Shrimp Keeping: An Overview of the Hobby and Guide to Successful Shrimp Tanks: Projects
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