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Cory McElroy speaking

Friday, August 4, 2017
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM


Cory McElroy

2017-08-04 : Freshwater Puffer Fish: Services


Cory McElroy owns a retail store named Aquarium Co-Op, which is also a popular Youtube Channel. Cory ran the breeder's award program for many years for the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society while also serving on the board of directors. During this time, he also became a Master Aquatic Horticulturalist.  Having kept the largest freshwater puffer, the Mbu Puffer in captivity for over 8 years and a variety of other puffers he has learned how to keep properly. Aquarium Co-Op is known to carry many different puffer species in stock and be able to advise customers on the proper care.

Speaker website:  Aquarium Co-Op


We will explore many different types of freshwater puffer fish and how to keep them in the home aquarium.  Puffers have unique care requirements and creating an environment suited for them will ensure your success.


We will have an Auction after the presentation.  ​For AUCTION TIPS AND GUIDLINES (the rules), and our AUCTION MERCHANDISE CHECK-IN FORM, click HERE .

Snacks will be provided.

2017-08-04 : Freshwater Puffer Fish: Projects

Leon Garden

Friday, August 4, 2017

6:30 PM - 7:00 PM


Leon is offering one of his Aquatic Plant Special Interest Group (SIG) presentations immediately after the doors open at 6:30PM for our meeting on 4 August. In about 30 minutes he will demonstrate how to create a mostly dry, aquatic plant arrangement -- called a WABI-KUSA (roughly "wild earth"). The demonstration will be a step-by-step show of the materials required and his simple technique for making the decorative, planted "mud ball". Ask questions as he goes through the demo. Included in the SIG will be a printed handout outlining the materials, steps to create the arrangement, and possible sources of materials. Additionally, SFAS will provide an attendance gift to the first 12 people who arrive and are seated for the demonstration. The gift includes everything needed to create your own WABI-KUSA arrangement at home - except the plants and your decorative container. Join Leon for this SIG and discover a simple way to create a small, decorative aquatic plant arrangement surely to impress even your non-aquarium hobbyist friends.

2017-08-04 : Freshwater Puffer Fish: Services
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