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Abstract Water

Friday, October 5, 2018
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM


Imagine how gorgeous your aquarium will look when populated with Mega Bounty from the Mega Auction!

(The seemingly simple, but deceptively effective image above was scientifically chosen to subconsciously stimulate your imagination.  Are you having creative thoughts now?)

Only members may sell, but anyone may bid.

Sellers, please prepare your items and check-in sheet BEFORE YOU ARRIVE.  Details are available on our Actions page.

2018-10-05 : Mega Auction II (the second one): Services


There is no speaker at the Mega Auction except for our poor Auctioneers, who will speak for THREE AND A HALF HOURS!


There is no talk at the Mega Auction except when you talk to your "chums" about your winning bids.


Snacks will be provided.

SFAS Board of Directors member Michael Yoshida is donating a brand new 60G tank (48"x 15"x 18") along with a used (but in perfect condition) oak stand and canopy for the auction (no minimum bid). He can help deliver it to the winner on Friday night, if needed, as long as the location is in SF or the Peninsula. He can also be persuaded to deliver it over the weekend to a slightly larger area (East Bay, Marin) if the winning bid is high enough or the winner wants to make a "Delivery Donation" to the Society.

Our $1-per-ticket raffle will offer the following:

- Fluval Flex 15 Aquarium lit with remote control LED hood and integrated filter, estimated at more than $100 retail

- Finnex 30" remote control LED plant lamp, estimated at more than $100 retail

- pH adjustment chemicals and other aquarium goods

Members and non-members alike may purchase raffle tickets at the Cashier's table.

2018-10-05 : Mega Auction II (the second one): Projects
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