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Friday, May 3, 2019
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM  (Doors open at 6:30 PM.)


2019-05-03 : Loaches Are For Life Not Just For Snails: Services


Born in 1972, Mark Duffill has had an interest in fish from a very young age. He got his first fish at 6 years old and was 'hooked' immediately. As soon as he was old enough, he became a junior member of the local fish keeping club and soon got the bug for showing fish and winning prizes. Mark progressed in the club as a committee member and, eventually, club secretary. In addition to fishkeeping, Mark owns and helps maintain several websites and Facebook groups, including Loach Fanatics.

This aside, Mark also advanced to become an A-class judge for the North East Federation of Aquarist Societies. The hobby of fish keeping took a back seat for a while due to work commitments. Unfortunately, his career as an electrician ended in 1999 when he was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and spondylosis in the spine. Since then he has channelled his time, energy, and passion for fish to keeping, breeding, and collecting.

Mark works primarily with Loaches, Rasboras, and other Asian species, although he has periodically diverted his attention to other fish including African Rift Cichlids, Characins, Corydoras, Discus, Livebearers, and even at one point, had nothing but Rainbow fishes. No matter what he has kept, he was always drawn back to Loaches, Barbs, Danios, and Rasboras.

In 2009, Mark became the founder of the International Loach Association, formerly Loach Association of Great Britain. Mark has written books on loaches, had his articles published in several magazines around the world, had them translated into numerous languages, and has been invited to travel to clubs around the world to give presentations on Loaches.

Mark's passion for Loaches has seen him successfully spawn numerous species, which for some time, were considered unbreedable. Thanks to Mark and people like him, this myth has been dispelled. So far, he has spawned 30+ loach species including Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki, Micronemacheilus cruciatus, Sewellia  ineolata, Sewellia sp spotted, and Paracanthocobitis nigrolineata, also firsts such as Botia kubotai, Botia histrionica, Botia striata, Acanthopsoides species and Yasuhikotakia splendida.

For more information, please visit

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International Loach Association:

Loach Fanatics:


The talk is aimed at showing aquarists that loaches are worthwhile additions to any fishroom in their own right not just to clear up snail infestations. The aim is to show the vast diversity of loaches and that they are breedable.


Snacks will be provided.


After the talk, stay for the auction.  Only SFAS members may sell, but anyone may buy.

2019-05-03 : Loaches Are For Life Not Just For Snails: Projects
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