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Fluorescent Danios (Danio rerio)

Friday, February 3, 2017 at 7:00 PM


Dick Au, SFAS official emeritus

2017-02-03 : The Fluorescent Fish Story: Services


Ever since people started keeping fish as a hobby, they have tried to "improve" or, more accurately described, "manipulate" the physical appearance of their keeps to their own liking. The wild carp has been transformed into various shapes of goldfish and koi. Color intensity has been increased by selective inbreeding and color-enhancing foods. And when all else failed, the fish were painted with etching chemicals. Quite recently, we have even seen plain-looking fish such as zebra danios, skirt tetras and tiger barbs infused with dazzling fluorescent color. What happened?

Come to the meeting and hear the story!


This month's speaker is Dick Au, SFAS Board of Directors member and office office holder emeritus, our auctioneer, frequent speaker and fish lover. Read more about him on our Experts page.


SFAS President Frank Choy will provide a brief overview of COI progress, and will introduce our new, BoD-elected SFAS President.

Snacks will be provided, and after the presentation we'll have our usual Auction of livestock, plants and aquarium goods.

2017-02-03 : The Fluorescent Fish Story: Projects
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