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Friday, February 2, 2018
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM


Stephan M. Tanner, PhD

2018-02-02 : Modern Filtration: Services


I have been a fishkeeper since 1982. Born in Switzerland, I received my first fish tank at age 14. A fascination for biology led to a master's degree in Ecology and Molecular Biology (1995) and a PhD in Human Molecular Genetics (1998) from the University of Bern, Switzerland. During my undergraduate years, I worked several years for a local fish store (Spiezer Zoo).

In 1998, I moved to Columbus, Ohio for a postdoctoral fellowship in cancer research at the Ohio State University. In the fall of 2005, I was promoted to Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology, and Medical Genetics. My work in cancer genetics focused on identifying genes and pathways for acute myeloid leukemia (PNAS 2001, Vol 98), juvenile vitamin B12 malabsorption (Nature Genetics, 2003 Vol 33 & PNAS 2005, Vol 102), chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CELL 2007, Vol 129), and colorectal cancer (Science 2008, Vol 321). Since 1998, I have published 50 peer-reviewed papers.

In 1992, I became a member of the International Society for Barbs, Tetras, Loaches, and Catfishes (IG BSSW). From 1994-2006, I was the editor-in-chief for its quarterly publication BSSW Report. I regularly travel to fish related events all over the United States and Europe, or to visit friends that I have made throughout the great world of fish. I am a member of the IG BSSW, American Cichlid Association, American Livebearer Association, North American Native Fishes Association, Minnesota Aquarium Society, and Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts. Since January 2013, I am a senior editor and the translator for Reef to Rainforest Media LLC in Vermont, the publisher of the famous CORAL and AMAZONAS magazines.

In 2012, my wife Wendy was recruited by Mayo Clinic and we moved to Rochester in southeastern Minnesota. I have since focused on expanding my company, SwissTropicals LLC, known for Poret© filter foams and the Jetlifters™ brands.


Freshwater aquarium filtration has been a perennial topic. However, many discussions lack a scientific basis for the arguments made and often recite long-held wisdom that does not hold up when put to the test. Surprisingly, only in the past decade modern scientific approaches have started to put freshwater filtration into the spotlight and their results suggest that we need to rethink what filtration means and how it actually works.


After the talk we will have a small auction.  The staff will provide refreshments.

2018-02-02 : Modern Filtration: Projects
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