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Friday, July 7, 2017
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM


Intrepid SFAS members will present what they saw at three, count 'em, three aquarium hobby conventions! If you didn't attend, then come to the meeting and listen to someone who did.

2017-07-07 : Convention Update: Services
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Gianne Souza

Gianne Souza is an International Betta Congress certified judge and current president of the California Betta Society. She combines her love of science and education by breeding beautiful little ditch fish and then sharing her exploits on her website and her YouTube Channel (@Inglorious Bettas). She had a fabulous time at the American Killifish Association convention in Chicago and cannot wait to share the experience with SFAS!

Tank at American Livebearer Association 2017 Convention
American Livebearers Association 2017 Convention

Gerard Schulz

Gerard has been a hobbyist for over two decades, specializing in livebearers, working mollies and swordtails to develop new fin patterns and colors.  He has been a past member of the Board of Directors for the American Livebearer Association (ALA).  He was pleased to see many familiar faces and new fishes in St. Louis, Missouri at the ALA convention in May.  His presentation to SFAS will have audience participation and focus on fish, folks and fun!

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Booths at the Aquatic Garderns Association 2017 Convention

Leon Garden

Leon is SFAS's plant expert.  Learn more about him on our Experts page.

The Aquatic Gardeners Association has generously donated some back issues of The Aquatic Gardener magazine, and a gift certificate for a free one-year membership.


We will have an Auction after the presentation.  ​For AUCTION TIPS AND GUIDLINES (the rules), and our AUCTION MERCHANDISE CHECK-IN FORM, click HERE .

Snacks will be provided.

2017-07-07 : Convention Update: CV
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