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SFAS board is excited to have Regina Spotti presenting


About Speaker:
Regina is an avid nature lover-from creepy-crawlies to wings to fins and everything in
between. Her fin addiction began well over 50 years ago with some goldfish she received
as “promotional items” at a local grocery store and this sparked her lifelong interest in
keeping freshwater tropical fish. Regina currently maintains about 70 aquariums housing
many different species-some rare fish and some new to the hobby. Regina has achieved
Master Breeder status in the Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society and enjoys keeping
and breeding various freshwater fish from every continent but has found a particular
interest in Tetras, Rasboras and Corydoras. Additional ongoing projects with a few
different species of “ugly” catfish, most of which have not been reported in captivity,
keeps her quest for a new challenge going.
One of Regina's favorite parts of the hobby is sharing knowledge about species that she has
worked with. That, and encouraging people to work with some of the more unusual
species with an aim towards conservation of species.


There are certain fish that are just not talked about. Rasboras, barbs, labyrinth
fishes to name a few. The very fish that have been kept for decades as dither fish
are the least considered when we contemplate a breeding project. Here, I'd like to
encourage you to reach a new peak in your fish keeping endeavors, and perhaps
engage your attention enough to consider breeding Characin species. I'll highlight
species from Africa and South America and I'll share with you some species that
are readily available and those that are not. I'd like to share my attempts and
successes with breeding quite a few different, interesting species in order that you
might give them a try as well.

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Home: Welcome


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Check out our Meetings page for a list of speakers and topics that have been scheduled for 2022.

Established in 1923 in association with The Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco Aquarium Society (SFAS) is the West Coast's original tropical fish club.  Each month we host a lecture on how to breed a particular species, how to grow beautiful aquarium plants, how genetics is used to predict environmental impact, virtual tours of club member aquaria, aquaponics, collecting across the world, or anything else on topic.

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