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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the San Francisco Aquarium Society blog! Our goal with this page is to provide interesting updates related to all things SFAS and engage with members in ways that we can’t do during regular meetings. We hope to provide information and create discussions that will be useful to members and non-members, beginner fish keepers and seasoned veterans alike. We only ask that comments be considerate and respectful. You may see the person you’re talking to at the next SFAS meeting!

February’s meeting was a great time with a fantastic talk about Goldfish from speaker Gary Hater. One aspect I found really interesting was his setup for culling hundreds of goldfish at a time. The intricacies of judging the quality of goldfish tails was overwhelming and his attention to detail was impressive. The auction was also a success with many plants and fish species being auctioned off to attendees. Gary brought a couple of varieties of goldfish from his own personal stocks that were purchased by one lucky member. There was also a group of praecox rainbows that sold for $51! Next month’s meeting will feature Professor Anthony Mazeroll and his talk ‘The Death of the Amazon’. Check out our Meetings page for more information.

We want to see your tanks! If you are a member of SFAS and would like to show off your aquariums, please send high-quality photos of any tanks/species you would like to share to Please include as much information about the tank as possible (to the best of your knowledge). This includes: tank size, flora, fauna, substrate, filtration, water parameters, etc.

Ownership: Please submit only pictures and information for which you possess publication rights and for which, by your submission, you grant us permission to publish.

Hope to see you Friday March 1st!

Jeff, SFAS Webmaster

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